Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Learnt How To Vanish A Coin...And Return It Back

Try this!!..

Change Over Card Trick

Simple trick and useful when u want to ahow off the selected card after u done a magic trick. Watch and learnt :)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Penguin Magic Theme Song..

Got it here!!

Click Here

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Coin Vanish

Just trying this new trick..actually there's no trick in this..i just push the coin to the floor and walla.. haha :P

Saturday, May 06, 2006

David Blaine: 'Drowned' Alive

I'm sure you guys know about David Blaine new challange right..submerged in a human aquarium and plans to stay there for a week... now is that crazy or what?? but im pretty sure he need some magic to stay alive in there..can't imagine a week without going to toilet..then if he survives his seven-day endurance test, Blaine will handcuff himself to 150 pounds of chain and then remove his breathing apparatus. He hopes to break the world record of almost nine minutes without breathing... may god be with you blaine.. :P

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Aces Search The Selected Card

assume the queen of club is the chosen card..and face down!! The aces search the deck and found the chosen card

p/s: the important technique to make this trick look more confusing is false shuffle technique.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Flying Card Trick


1. this trick used a thread called 'invisible thread'
2. stick the end of thread on center of the card.
3. stick the other end into your ear.(sound quite funny though)
4.spin the card and control the spinning card by pulling or pushing the thread by your hand..
5.practice and lot of it!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Watch and Learnt!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The simplst Trick Ever v2.0

1. remember the top card.
2. make a false shuffle in front of your spectator.
3. force them to take the top card.
4. now put the card inside the deck.
5. give the deck to spectator and make them shuffle as much as they want.
6. as you know the chosen card, now fan the deck and show them the card :)

p/s: you can add your own variation of ending..

TheSimplest Trick Ever!!

1. remember the bottom card.
2. fan the card and make the spectator choose a card.
3. ask the spectator to put the selected card at the top of the deck.
4. cut the deck into two half.
5. put the bottom deck into the top deck.
6.make a shuffle (not too much) and the selected card is just below the bottom card that you remember ealier..
p/s: this trick is very effective when you have done several other more complex trick..they will never ask how do you do that anymore!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Detectable Card (Spectator found the card himself!!)


1. with deck on your hand, have the spectator to cut the deck. Now both of you and the spectator have half of the deck.

2. tell them to take the deck to the back, show them how to do it(you also take the deck to the back) and remove any card from the deck and put it on the top.

3. but you do this move also at your back: 1)make the bottom card face up 2)make the second card from the top of the deck also face up.

4. make your spectator look at their selected card.

5. put your deck on top of your spectator deck and give the spectator all the card.

6.ask them to take the deck to their back and tell them to do this step 1)take the top card and put it anywhere in the middle of the deck. 2)turn over the top card face up and put it anywhere in the middle of the deck.

7.have them to return the deck to you again and tell them something like this “actually you find your selected card yourself using the face up card that you put into the deck without looking at it!!” the deck and find the only one face up card and the selected card is just under it!! Spoooooky~~~~~~~~

Friday, March 31, 2006

The False Shuffle Trick Method

This is a must trick that all magician have to know.. some called it 'hindu top control'..dont ask me why.. :).. this trick also need some practice to make it look natural.. i'm sure you'll love this kind of trick :P

Download it here

Double Lift Technique

Here are the videos that show how to do the double lift method.. one is for beginner and second one for expert.. lot and lot of practice is important to do this trick smoothly.. good luck :)



remember to download quicktime player to view this videos :)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wild Guess Cards

p/s: you will need some time to understand to do this trick.. but it's a very good trick if you understand them.. i'll show you the video i made my self later about this trick..enjoy!!

Glimpse the bottom card and shuffle the deck, retaining the bottom card in place, while you tell your friend or guest that you are going to make him (or her) pick cards out of the deck without looking at them. (False shuffles: If you riffle shuffle, remember which half was the bottom of the deck and drop the bottom card of this half first. If you overhand shuffle, when you lift the cards with your right hand, hold back the bottom card with your left fingers.) Let's assume that the bottom card is the 3 of diamonds. Set the deck on a table. Tell the guest that you want him to pick some cards out of the deck but not to look at them. Tell him to draw the top card of the deck and put it face down on the table. Act like you're concentrating and say, "It is the 3 of diamonds." Pick it up, look at it and say, "I am right.” Don’t let your guest see the card. At this point he probably thinks you are faking it. Before you put the card face down on the table, memorize it. We'll assume that it's the 2 of spades. Now tell your friend to pick any card in the middle of the deck. This one really gets them. Your guest flips eagerly through the deck and pulls out any card and lays it face down on the table. Concentrate again and says that this is the 2 of spades. Look at it and say, "I am right again. 2 out of 2." Don't let him see the card. Let's say that it is really a queen of hearts. Put the card face down on the table. Tell your friend to draw the bottom card off the deck and lay it face down. Once he has done this, concentrate and say that it is the queen of hearts. Once again check your result and say, "I am right.” At this point your guest is very skeptical. You ask, "What cards did I ask you to pick out of the deck?" Grab the three cards and through a little sleight of hand rearrange them so they are in the same order as you called them. (My suggestion: If you lay the second card on top of the first, you can just scoop the third card under the other two to put them in the right order) As he names each of the cards, drop it in front of him. Say you were able to hypnotize them or something to make them draw those cards. For added effect as they draw tell them the card. Have them draw three or four times from the middle of the deck and tell them each time they drew the same card. In the end it will look like they had.

Magic Breath.. good for kids to brush their teeth..(also for some adult.. :P)

p/s: the false shuffle technique is necessary..

1.make the spectator choose one card.

2. place the card on top of the deck..make a 'false shuffle' and control the card to the top of the deck.

3.make the spectator choose a number and blow on the card..
deal the card on the table face down one by one according to the chosen number.
when you get to the last number reveal the card and tell them that's their card.. the spectator will say no and you say something like this “maybe you have a bad breath so the card wont come out”

4.then you take all the card that on the table and put it on top of your deck.. blow on the deck once again and start deal the cards again one by one according to the chosen number earlier.. the last card will be the chosen card.. and say something like this.. “maybe next time if you brush your teeth the card will come out”..and make a good laugh of them..haha

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Pop-up Card

p/s : this is the fraction of full trick..have a try this first!! :)

A signed card is placed into the centre of the deck - with a snap of the fingers the cards returns to
the top.


Fan the deck face-up and have your volunteer select a card by touching it. As you close the fan, cut the deck one card below the chosen card and take that portion to the top (bottom). Turn the deck over and Double Lift the top two cards displaying the chosen card. Have the chosen card signed on the face. Turn the 'double' over. Openly lift off the top card and have the volunteer cut off half of the deck - place the chosen (?) card onto the bottom portion and ask the volunteer to place his half of the cut deck on top. Ask the volunteer to snap his fingers - turnover the top card to show that the signed card has returned to the top !

my home made videos of this trick..


Twisting Arm Illusion - As done by David Blaine

p/s: you must use a jacket/sweater/longsleaves shirt to perform this trick.. nice easy trick guys.. :P .. just follow the picture with your hand covered with your cloth..

Changing Card~~ As done by David Blaine..

p/s : double lift is the technique where you lift up two card and show the audition the bottom card.. example: you got ace of spade on top of your deck..and second card is ace of diamond.. you lift up two card from the top and show the spectator the ace of diamond..with much practice you'll master it perfectly.. :)

A selected card placed between the spectators palms magically changes into a different card !

Have the assistant select a card and replace it in the deck. Control the card to the top, now Double Lift the top two cards. Show the face card announcing that this isn't their card "This isn't your card - is it ?", the answer should be "No".
Slight distraction:
Ask your assistant to hold out a hand. Which ever hand they hold out say "Not that one, this one." and lift up their other hand ! (smile as you do it).While that little byplay was taking place you should have replaced the Double on the top of the deck. Now push the top card over with your thumb and place it on the outstretched palm in front of you, ask your assistant to cover the card with their other hand. After a couple of attempts to find their card in the deck - and failing !, ask what their card was....make a 'magical' pass over their hands and ask them to look at the card they hold. They should be suitably surprised to find that they are now holding the selected card.Don't forget to use suitable patter (a' la Blaine)"Can I show you something that transcends the mind ?"

my home made videos.. here

Great Magic Trick For Drunk Spectator!! Haha..

p/s : same effect as the extractor card trick..

EFFECT: The audience is given two random cards. They look at them, but the magician doesn't see them. The audience inserts the cards into the deck, and without shuffling, the magician throws the deck into a chair, but somehow manages to pick up the two cards, holding them up in front of the gaping audience members.

You prepare the deck this way: pick two cards of different suits, but the same color, such as the Eight of Spades, and the Three of Clubs. These are the cards you are going to give to the audience. Next, pick the "opposites" of the cards: the Eight of Clubs, and the Three of Spades. These are the cards you will fool your audience with. Put the opposite cards at the top and bottom of the deck - Eight of Clubs on top, Three of Spades on bottom. And the "real" cards both go on top.
- Without too much explanation, deal the two top cards out, face down, and let the audience look at them. Next, let them insert the cards back into the deck.
- Make sure they can see that you're not doing ANYTHING to the deck. Hold the deck between your thumb on top, and your fingers on the bottom. Swing the deck back and forth a few times (make SURE they can't see the bottom card, though!) Perhaps you count 1, 2, 3, and then throw the deck into a chair (or couch, or something, where it'll be easy to pick up.) As you throw the deck, hold onto the top and bottom card with your thumb and middle finger. IMMEDIATELY hold the cards up for all to see.
- It helps if you position yourself so that the audience doesn't turn their heads around to watch where you threw the cards. You should be close to the chair you throw the deck into, so you can draw their attention back to the two cards you held onto.
- They picked the Eight of Spades, Three of Clubs - but you are holding the Eight of Clubs, Three of Spades. It's VERY rare that anybody notices. And if the audience is drunk, you get a lot of "Ohmygaaawd, how'd he DO that?" and gaping mouths... Great trick!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Nice Little Trick At Dinner Table :P

You can try this trick and impress you date!!

Save this trick if a pack of cards ever comes out at a dinner table after a meal. The magician takes a pack of cards face down and riffles through them and asks you to say stop. You are then given the choice of the card at the split or the next one above. You take this card and remember it whilst the magician puts both halves of the deck on the table. You then have the choice to place your card on top of any one pile. The magician then puts his fingers on your card to hold it in place and puts the other pile on top and removes his fingers just in time. He picks up the deck and riffles it. Then lays it flat in his palm and pushes his arm forwards so half the cards fall on the table. The top card in the magicians hand is revealed to be your card!

The secret has something to do with the magician putting his fingers on your card! You need a few grains of salt on your finger tips, then when you remove your fingers a few remain. This will be sufficient to make the cards split at this position.

Have a try and make your dinner something to remember.. ;)