Friday, March 24, 2006

Nice Little Trick At Dinner Table :P

You can try this trick and impress you date!!

Save this trick if a pack of cards ever comes out at a dinner table after a meal. The magician takes a pack of cards face down and riffles through them and asks you to say stop. You are then given the choice of the card at the split or the next one above. You take this card and remember it whilst the magician puts both halves of the deck on the table. You then have the choice to place your card on top of any one pile. The magician then puts his fingers on your card to hold it in place and puts the other pile on top and removes his fingers just in time. He picks up the deck and riffles it. Then lays it flat in his palm and pushes his arm forwards so half the cards fall on the table. The top card in the magicians hand is revealed to be your card!

The secret has something to do with the magician putting his fingers on your card! You need a few grains of salt on your finger tips, then when you remove your fingers a few remain. This will be sufficient to make the cards split at this position.

Have a try and make your dinner something to remember.. ;)


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