Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Aces Search The Selected Card

assume the queen of club is the chosen card..and face down!! The aces search the deck and found the chosen card

p/s: the important technique to make this trick look more confusing is false shuffle technique.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Flying Card Trick


1. this trick used a thread called 'invisible thread'
2. stick the end of thread on center of the card.
3. stick the other end into your ear.(sound quite funny though)
4.spin the card and control the spinning card by pulling or pushing the thread by your hand..
5.practice and lot of it!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Watch and Learnt!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The simplst Trick Ever v2.0

1. remember the top card.
2. make a false shuffle in front of your spectator.
3. force them to take the top card.
4. now put the card inside the deck.
5. give the deck to spectator and make them shuffle as much as they want.
6. as you know the chosen card, now fan the deck and show them the card :)

p/s: you can add your own variation of ending..

TheSimplest Trick Ever!!

1. remember the bottom card.
2. fan the card and make the spectator choose a card.
3. ask the spectator to put the selected card at the top of the deck.
4. cut the deck into two half.
5. put the bottom deck into the top deck.
6.make a shuffle (not too much) and the selected card is just below the bottom card that you remember ealier..
p/s: this trick is very effective when you have done several other more complex trick..they will never ask how do you do that anymore!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Detectable Card (Spectator found the card himself!!)


1. with deck on your hand, have the spectator to cut the deck. Now both of you and the spectator have half of the deck.

2. tell them to take the deck to the back, show them how to do it(you also take the deck to the back) and remove any card from the deck and put it on the top.

3. but you do this move also at your back: 1)make the bottom card face up 2)make the second card from the top of the deck also face up.

4. make your spectator look at their selected card.

5. put your deck on top of your spectator deck and give the spectator all the card.

6.ask them to take the deck to their back and tell them to do this step 1)take the top card and put it anywhere in the middle of the deck. 2)turn over the top card face up and put it anywhere in the middle of the deck.

7.have them to return the deck to you again and tell them something like this “actually you find your selected card yourself using the face up card that you put into the deck without looking at it!!”

8.fan the deck and find the only one face up card and the selected card is just under it!! Spoooooky~~~~~~~~